Underdog of the week

Some people say it’s crazy to bet on American Idol, but if you think I’m passing up Paul McDonald at 15/1, you got the wrong idea about me.

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Head games

THis blog will be dedicated mostly to spiritual guidance (submit your questions here) and bourbon reviews but I’m going to kick things off with a book review.

People who pay attention to my lyrics  instead of just geting off on the melodies probably assume I’m a huge reader . And they are right. I go through about three books a week as Meg at the library will tell you. In fact I have been known to finish an entire novel in the space of a single visit to the throne room if you catch my drift.

Heads You Lose didn’t take me much longer (3.5 royal visits) but it has stuck with me like a cold sore but in a good way.

THe old saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover applies in s[pades  here. The first thing you notice is the gigantic name LIZA LUTZ in bright colors and under it in tiny plain letters David Hayward. Well you know I like a good underdog but usually there is a reason they don’t call them Oates & Hall, right? I assumed Lutz would be the star of the show.

I had never heard of Liza Lutz but judging from her blog she thinks pretty highly of herself. Which, more power to her. Not only is she somewhat of a looker who I wouldn’t kick out of bed for eating crackers but she also wrote a successful series of YOung Adult novels called the Spilton Files about a family of detectives in San Francisco.

My niece’s quinceanara (sp?) is coming up in April so I had Meg put a “hold” on the first Spilton book in case it would make a good gift. Local readers, if you are reading it now, finish it up already and get it back to the library. THis means you Bernic e!

Back to Heads You Lose. The idea is that these two writers, Lutz and Hayward used to be a couple. They still have some bad blood about a project where Hayward got screwed out of some money, so Lutz offered to write this mystery novel together.

They agree to take turns writing chapters and after each chapter you see their notes to each other. Mostly these involve LUtz complaining that Hayward isn’t pulling his weight even though he is the one doing the heavy lifting. Sound like anyone you know’s first two ex wives?

Anyway, the Lutz chapters do the job OK. She has a way with dialog when she can stop griping for a minute. But the real reason to read this book is the even-numbered chapters, written by David Hayward which is a name you will be hearing more of.

From the first sentence of his first chapter you know you are dealing with a severe case of literary talent up the wing wong. No surprise being that he is a noted poet with a Pushkin Prize under his belt. Every sentence the guy writes is a poem unto itself. In fact, I will now choose one totally at random to illustrate my point:

She knew Hart had some history with Sheriff Ed.

Bingo. I mean, look at every letter of that thing. Some people just shit diamonds I guess.

Even the lyrics Hayward wrote for two of the characters are pretty deep. In fact they inspired me to step up my own game a little. Which by the way, I will  be at Dale’s open mike this Friday at 8. Ladies  no cover.

But I digress. Have you seen the video of the fat kid pile-driving the little bully who wouldn’t stop picking on him? That’s what happens when Lutz goes too far by messing with Hayward’s characters and he unleashes his “A” game on her. In fact I almost started feeling sorry for her, which is why I’m glad how the book turned out ( no spoilers here though).

On top of being hilarious and a good thriller (once Lutz quits complaining long enough to focus on solving the mystery), Heads You Lose reminded me why to never ever get married again. In fact please force me to read it again next time I get the itch.

So that’s it. I give Heads You lose 9.5 JB’s out of 10.

Next week: the Bhagavad Gita (Bhaktivedanta translation)

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Underdog of the week

On Thursday take the Wofford Terriers +8 to give the virgins of BYU the ride of a lifetime.

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